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Massage therapy is widely used to treat chronic back pain, an extremely common condition affecting over 80% of the population at some stage in their lives. It is also effective in treating acute pain, headaches and general discomfort from stress related sore muscle tightness and postural strains associated with the repetitive actions on laptops smart phones and keyboards.

Stress is an unconscious and automatic reaction to anything that we believe may be threatening us. In the stress response the body is primed for fight or flight by messages carried by the sympathetic branch of the nervous system. Our bodies are ready when we tense up creating possible breathing problems increased heartbeat, blood pressure increases, adrenaline production and digestion dysfunction. A person who is frequently under stressful influences may tend to remain locked into a pattern of stress response, unable to let go and relax. This can be damaging to the body, mind and spirit. If this continues and is untreated, it can be a contributing factor to most diseases. Through the use of alternative healing such as therapeutic massage an individual can balance the mind, body and spirit.

General Information

All therapists are independent operators so fees varies with each therapist. All therapists are Licensed by the State of Illinois completing the appropriate educational guidelines by the State of Illinois.

We have many different types of massages:



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